Posted by: mboizmnoma | January 4, 2009

of a CEO

I came across something…

Did you know that the chairperson of MOA (Media Owners Association), the Chief Executive Officer of the giant Nation Media Group who also serves as a non-executive director of Equity Bank Ltd, Afrika Investment Bank and Federation of Kenya Employers – Mr. Linus Gitahi blogs? Yeah, he is a blogger. Like you. Check this link, and he has a personal site.

For a person with so many titles, so many responsibilities, and am sure a very tight schedule I found it interesting. From the look of things (his posts), he is a Kenyan athletics fan. (If he were not the CEO of NMG may be he would be doing short sports pieces for the “nation”)

The guy has achieved so much in his 44 years and is an inspiration to many young Kenyans. We need so many like him in positions of leadership. The wazees who cannot differentiate a computer monitor from a TV, a piano from a computer keyboard need to go home now and in comes the bloggers!

I wish him all the best in his fight to free the media and I hope he never gives up.



  1. I highly doubt that he authors the blog. I wouldn’t expect typos like they are in ‘his’ blog. Just in case he actually maintains it, then it is kudos to him.

  2. I think(or hope) he does it himeslf and I say congrats,coz its interesting,very!

  3. thanks for the heads up mboiz.



    ….haiya, so ur the one!!

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