Posted by: mboizmnoma | March 1, 2009


Why ?

Why is life so unfair?

Why do the richer get richer as the poor continue to get poorer?

Why is it so hard to get baked chumed jobs without knowing someone who knows the sonko?

Why is my money never enough?

Why do we want what we cant have?

Why do the ones who work more get less pay and vice versa?

Why do the mungiki behead innocents?

Why do police use live bullets to kill the outlawed sect? – Two wrongs do not make a right.

Why don’t the so-called human rights activist payuka when police officers are killed in their line of duty?

Why isn’t there any cure for aids? Why is it taking long to get one?

Why couldn’t aids come during either previous generations or the ones to come? Why during my generation?

Why do people still go ‘nyama kwa nyama’?

Why do the good people die so young?

Why did E-Sir, Krupt, Poxi, die so young?

Why did they assassinate tupac, biggie, Mboya, JM, Ouko, Muliro and Dr. Mbai among others?

Why did Obama hit so hard than any artist ever did?

Why can’t Mugabe resign?

Why did they rig the elections?

Why would anyone be so stupid to kill you because of your ethnicity?

Why would you be stupid enough to contemplate revenge?

Why will there be violence after 2012 electios? Tell me…Why?

Why will they form another fcked up post election violence commission of inquiry come 2012? WTF… seriously what for and why??

Why won’t the reports our by our fcuked commissions ever be implemented?

Why would anyone ‘eat’ all the maize at ncpb knowing too well that there is famine?

Why would anyone sell relief food yet people are dying of hunger?

Why did they drop charges on triton even after he ‘drank’ oil worth more than 7Billion?

Why is there no justice for the poor?

Why does power corrupt?

Why do we elect the same stupid fools every five years?

Why do people still want to loot petrol from an overturned tanker days after what happened in Molo?

Why don’t people ever learn from the past?

Why is there a scapegoat for all the shiet happening?

Why won’t they legalize weed?

Why isn’t alcohol the 2nd best invention after the wheel?

Why this dry spell…, money-wise and more so stroke-wise?

Why do all the chiqs I really like adore love play so hard to get?

Why do people fall in love with the wrong people?

Why do people still physically abuse their spouses…esp. in this day and age?

Why are some people lesbians gay not straight…?

Why do I feel awkward guilty after a clandestine moment?

Why won’t rapists rather strangle chickens instead of being so inhuman?

Why won’t they let me in the office in jeans and a t-shirt any day of the week?

Why are you reading this shiet?

Why did I do this post?

On my playlist

Why by Jadakiss (feat. Anthony Hamilton)

Why (Remix) by Jadakiss (featuring Common, Nas, Styles P & Anthony Hamilton)

Feel free to ask your why?’s.



  1. Well captured. Jadakiss outdid himself with this one. I also love the part where Nas asks why there has never been a black Pope. Its real talk, serious questions. Dope songs.

    nas flows bana ebu listen to ‘black president’ and ‘my president is black’ where jeezy featured him….
    ati black pope .. i ope twill be from Kenya

    And why does Anthony Hamilton sing so well?

    Alcohol and the wheel, which came first?

    alcohol of course

  2. WHY WHY WHY!!! this is one of those” why did the chicken cross the road”? …but seriously its life…there has to be ying and yang for it to be balanced. It sucks that we Africans,blacks, poor, uneducated, victims (ALL THE NEGATIVE) get the short end of the stick…makes u wonder does GOD really exist??

    why life is unfair this part of the world?

  3. Why do these ‘whys’ make so much sense???


  4. why is my money never enough…i ask myself that all the time.

    believe one day it will be … jus keep hustlin

  5. WHY don’t they complain when Uon students loot at Nakumatt yet they……….

    maliza comment bana…acha kuwa ivo

  6. Why, why, why, why…..

    “Not until the loom is silent
    And the shuttle ceases to fly
    Shall God unroll the canvas
    And reveal the reasons why…”

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