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Thank you. Thank you very much Mr. Gream for the award! I must say that has been a long time since I received an award. The last one being when I won a competition that involved eating a full loaf with a 500ml soda in record time back then in those school fun days….and now this.

** wild cheers***

Good people don’t stand up, just stay seated… I really appreciate… thank you.

**the cheers subside**

Now to serious business.

1. I have never been tagged, neither have I ever tagged anyone! This is the first time am doing it.

2. I have never met any blogger! In my real world nobody knows that I blog. I always get the temptation to know personally some bloggers. I must say some characters are crazy from the contents in their blogs! May be in future I will meet some of you.

3. My dad passed away when I was 17 my sisters were 14 and 13 respectively, my youngest bro was only 10. We all thought that the whole world would come crumbling down especially coz mom was not that well off financially. How she managed to educate us all to university level still amazes me! She went to extremes that she disclosed recently that had the 4 us shocked. I can kill for my mom and I almost did it once. Nobody messes with her!

4. I hate documentaries with the exception of those done by National Geographic and Animal Planet. I have a thing for wild animals. Apart from football and MTV and Channel 0, the only other thing can keep me glued on TV is Nat Geo, Animal Planet e.t.c. I will have to get nice dog and a cat as a pet soon.

5. I live below my means. I can afford to live an affluence neighborhood but simply wont. All my friends live large and criticize me, they think am a miser. I just like keeping it simple; I have severally attempted to live a classy life and every time I always found myself getting to my old lifestyle.

6. I like ‘measuring’ people – kupimanisha mtu to find out how much they know especially if I intend to get into business with them. E.g. if you are intend to sell something to me (say a car, piece of land e.t.c) and then I realize you know less or nothing about what you want to sell, am done with you – I like people who know what they are doing.

7. I like booty. Booty is booty, whether fist sized or this big *stretches both hands wide*.

8. I do not like those so-called independent women who think lowly of men. The other group that got in a bad relationship(s) previously and tend to think that all men are like their former spouses also bore me!

9. I speak a lot of sheng (mixture of English, Kiswahili and any other local language). Yaani hata ofisi wasee hushangaa! Siezangi kubonga ngoso unless in a meeting ama nakatia customer aingie bosk. Not that I cannot flow in English… some chiq I was trying to katia thought I was a dada in English and started wenging! Niliangusha mistari na Ngoso ina mavocab mwenda na accent ya ulami akashangaa!

10. I like listening to music asleep. I put on my stereo before I go to bed, if a really nice song I like plays at night, it will be in my mind for the rest of the following day.

I would wish to extend the award to the below with the following instructions.
1.You must brag about the award – done
2.You must include the name of the blogger who bestowed the award on you and link back to the blogger – done
3.You must choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. –I have looked everywhere and seems like everyone has been tagged.
4.Show their names and links and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with Honest Weblog – see above
5.List at least ten (10) honest things about yourself. Then pass it on with the instructions! – done

‘whis junior’
this guy bana..he cracks me up,

kd* i wouldnt mind knowing anythin ’bout you.

boyfulani the boy can write

madam architect another favourite.

campus girl proud owner of a N95…i hope that thing will last long

mzee bomseh SA kuko aje?

i know you guys were tagged elsewhere, but you’ve taken long to so long comply..



  1.’ve made me happy. Enyewe you come across as a laid back dude..nice! I used to think I was good in Sheng’ until I realised I still roll with the 90s sheng’ I knew waaaay back in Prima..nowadays I’ve given up. I prefer simple swa or English otherwise I might end up staring at you like yo vybing an outer space lingo!

    I’m sorry about your pops but now you see why Mums rock?! I’d kill for mine too.

    Atleast I’ve met one blogger..she of the Chinese N95..

    • btw do you mix.. as in saying something like this “i kujad then patad that the jamaa had endad” this confuses me.
      as for moms…they rock

      • me thinks that ngoso sucks, jo!

  2. I also don’t like the said independent women. Independence is not equal to hating men (but that’s just me).

    Hats off to your mum, I always say God’s love is like a mum’s love. totally unconditional and self sacrificing.

    • yeah, exactly..indipendence should’nt make one starting hatin on al men

      • can i add stamp to this?

  3. Full marks to your mum. She raised a good one, seemingly.

    Number 7 is the one I am clapping for actually. Booty. I always love that verse that says ‘And Gawd created booty!’

    Maaaan. I love booty!

    • LOL at that verse..seein a stunning nice booty can make my day!! i love booty too.

  4. No, I don’t mix! Never ever! It sounds really bad! And what annoys me is that people who talk like that think that they are ‘with it’! The hell! I’d rather some one who speaks in pure slang’ from the ghetto that one who speaks in swanglish or whatever that mixing is called.

  5. Hats off to your mum first.

    then lol at “whether fist sized or this big *stretches both hands wide*. ”

    Good to learn you ground yourself @ 5.

  6. Man, thanks for the big up…reads like its someone else!!

    But anyway, iza for ya paps and al thumbs up for mathe…i admit this thought scares me to my last strong strand of my life.

    for the ngoso swa part, we share something.
    i also basically speak in sheng-speare and everyone’s in the offices r always like- wot did u say?

    i like the keeping it basic and real part. me believes in the live in the ghetto like a king…ok, time will tell!
    almos’ mini-blogging—check out mine.

  7. SA poa. Just some post election peace.

    thats great!! guys there believe in the power of the ballot and not the bullet! natafuta fare nikam next year kuwatch world cup

  8. Number three is so …..awwwwwww! Love your mum! I would kill for my mum as well-mothers rock!!

    Eii, I don’t know if you go around saying you have a thing for wild animals, just saying :-). Last week I read a Kenyan blog where someone’s confession was that he tried to sleep with a goat and a chicken(or was it a cat?) Hehehehehehe! I was shocked.

    ngai fafa…what did they do at night

    • A chicken? A goat/cat? People are sick, psychos are not just in America. We have some very sick people in our midst.

  9. What happened to my previous comment? My Chinese fone is hardy!

  10. When are you fanyaing anaa post? I’ve been kujaing here and endaing back empty handed? LOL! Another post soon?

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