Posted by: mboizmnoma | June 17, 2009


Who has seen that matatu with DSTV? ….yeah there is a ma3 plying the Eastland’s route (read Buru) with fully installed DSTV. From having a small screen per seat to having big LCD screens at the rear facing outside (‘Hater Vision Screens’) to create public attention and now DSTV…. Talk about taking pimping to another level! I have even heard that some have fridges inside! Only God knows what stunt they will pull next.

Truth be told, when in the hood idling over weekends and need to get town for nothing urgent, I can wait for a long duration of time until a matatu I like comes. The said matatus though have their shortcomings, one of them being overloading. What happens is that the makanga will say “Wanne wa haraka tao twende”. You will be surprised once you are inside because the thing is full, or chrome as they call it. After a distance of less than 100 metres, one of the very many conductors (nowadays they do not have uniforms) will charge you before you decide to alight at the next bus stop. Of course there those men who enjoy the scenario especially where there are many potholes and bumps and standing right in front is a bootifull woman! BTW is this sexual harassment?… I don know. We all know that the famous ‘michuki rules’ no longer work so the mathree will get to town ‘unnoticed’ by the several traffic cops despite having literally broken all the traffic rules in the traffic act from overlapping to God knows what.

Apart from those that constantly overload and those that play bogus music, a ride to town on a nice one is a great experience. Am yet to have a ride on the DSTV one as its always full chrome , but am told that its DSTV works OK… Infact its body is well decorated and the dish is painted its body’s color so you actually can mistake the dish for a ‘spoiler’.


Hawkers are back or rather; they keep coming and disappearing (after running battles of course with the police as the media puts it) in our streets since the former City Clerks term expired. I can bet on anything that if they are contained now the next time we will have them is a few months to the next general election….some things will never change, that’s why this is Kenya! Why buy from a mall when you can get the same in the streets for very much less?

Enjoy yourselves blogthren!



  1. i have heard sifas of that mat. with the amount of time i spend in traffic i just might move my living room and dstv into my ride!

  2. Well, if the dstv is on the outside, just get into a mat behind the pimped one, right?

    You’ve been lost. mboiz.

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