Posted by: mboizmnoma | March 2, 2010

Kenya has 2 million Facebooks!!!?? Synovate, c’mon give me a break

First off, I have been away from here for sometime, well am back! Of to serious business,

I read this report from synovate that gives statistics on number of Kenyan on the web; Kenyans on social networks, their preferences and such like stuff. I was particularly appalled by the point:

“More than 2 million people on Facebook, outweighing email users”

Lets get the facts right, to open a facebook account, you need an email account, It is impossible to have 2 million Kenyans on facebook, as at end of last year, facebook themselves used to publish number of users in each network, Kenya had around 90,000 users, and if we estimate that 50% of Kenyans had not registered on their network, then my estimate is that Kenya had approx 150,000 users as at the start of 2009

Please see this link

From that report, Kenya had 240,000 users as at April 2009.Facebook states that they have 400 million users worldwide, hence, it is easily impossible for Kenya to have 2 million of those seeing that Africa itself has less than 2% of all facebook users worldwide

Please see the following links as well:
inside facebook


  1. you are quite right. Its rubbish. We estimate 200k odd. growing for sure.

  2. You can open a facebook account with your phone number without an email account. and start counting the number of high school, tertiary plus you always here things like my mum invited me to join her on facebook. and I have seen people surf facebook in small town cyber cafes

  3. my estimate is 400,000 .I have a reliable source .Fb themselves give u the nu7mbers whn u wanna advertize on their site!!!!!

  4. As of yesterday, facebook put the number of kenyans in there at 520,000. i am not sure if you can register on facebook in kenya via your phone number. @mw just because your mum invited u and villagers are on it doesnt mean we are a million. i have two fb accounts and so do many other friends i have. one for the online, anon persona and the other for the real me and the friends i have grown up with. so the number could be even much lower than the 520k

  5. Facebook users do outnumber email users in Kenya. Having an email address is a requirement to sign on for a Facebook account, but once people do they rarely USE the email account, which is a fact.

  6. ..there once was a man,who couldn’t clearly define what Kenyan’s he termed us as peculiar kept his costs at a superior but a fire got lit and he jumped back into the pan!

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